Indianapolis man arrested for drunk driving on a Walmart scooter


It was cold, dark and dangerous but Marcus Degraphenreed didn’t feel like walking after a night of drinking. At about 3:49 am he decided to hop on a motorized shopping scooter (courtesy of Walmart) and go for a ride. Degraphenreed went cruising along Ind. 135 in Johnson County in the stolen scooter. Startled motorists alerted police after they saw Marcus driving erratically going northbound in a southbound lane.

Once stopped, police noticed the man looked high, drunk, or a combination of the two. Of course it was no surprise that Degraphenreed failed the field sobriety tests. When asked where he had gotten the scooter, Marcus stated he found it. He was immediately arrested and the police kindly returned the shopping scooter to the local Walmart.

Note to Marcus: You would have been better off walking bruh! Drunk driving apparently applies to all motorized apparatuses. Sober up! You could’ve killed yourself or even worse someone else.


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