Former corrections officer coerces inmates to expose themselves in return for oranges & markers


Oh lawd! Morgan County prosecutors said Nicholas Tankersley agreed to plead guilty to one count of official misconduct. He is accused of offering items like markers and oranges to female inmates. But none of these items were free. The women had to show him the goodies first! Tankersley, 21, entered a guilty plea on Monday. The charge could carry up to three years in jail.

According to Morgan County court documents, the incidents began in November and continued until January 11. It involved about a dozen inmates at the jail in Martinsville, Indiana. Tankersley, investigators said, gave the inmates items such as markers, oranges and batteries from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, in exchange for the inmates exposing themselves.Tankersley allegedly said it had happened “too many times to count,” but that he had never touched the inmates intimately.

I’m guessing perhaps he didn’t make good of his promise for more oranges and markers and someone snitched. Damn, I could understand desperation for food and drink but batteries and markers? But hey I’m not judging…females have exposed themselves for far less than that.


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