VIDEO: Rihanna & Chris Brown inspired Law & Order SVU episode “My Funny Valentine” was TRAGIC


All I’m going to say is WHY? The acting, the makeup, the storyline in itself was just horrible. It was hard for me to feel bad or concentrate on the actual tragedy that the episode was loosely based off of. Of course, the episode was about the beating Rihanna took several years ago at the hands of her on-again boyfriend Chris Brown.

I am just so tired of hearing about it. And if this episode was supposed to make everyone remember and be mad at Brown all over again, it didn’t work. Well at least for me it didn’t. Domestic violence is horrible. This is know. But if NBC is going to “rip stories from the headlines”, how about they get better actors and better writers…the episode sucked. Click the link below and see for yourself. You may disagree…

Watch the full episode at DDOTMEN.COM


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  1. I hated every single second of this episode–and for so many reasons that it would take all day to explain. And “ain’t nobody got time for that” so I’ll keep it as short as possible.

    For starters, though, lemme say that I’ll give the network and writer props for one thing. Like many, I used to love SVU (I even have several seasons on DVD). However, I can’t tell you that last time I watched. The ratings, from what I hear, have been horrible. So good for them: they got people watching and talking. That’s exactly what they wanted, I’m sure. Unfortunately, it was at the expense of their credibility and tact.
    the timing was just self-indulgent and in poor taste. I mean, how convenient that it air AFTER they get back together? In my mind, that’s what sparked this. In an outrage (like a 2 year old stomping their feet) the writers and producers disagreed with Rihanna’s decision and decided they needed to get a message to her.

    Stop right the hell there.

    Breezy is bat shit crazy sometimes, and really needs to check himself and his temper. But really, he’s a murderer now? Is that their prediction?
    There are so many plots and story lines they could have went with to get their point across, that abusive relationship are bad. Like really we don’t know this. All without it being at the expense of two people who really need to be left alone. They’ve made their bed, they need to lie in it.
    She did what the public wanted her to do for 4 years. I’m sure if not for fear of backlash they would’ve been together sooner (maybe)…. Now, it’s time for her to do her. The consequences are for her to bare. No one else’s. Shame on them for trying to exploit an incident everyone’s just trying to lay to rest.

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