YUCK! Horse meat found in ground beef of some UK TACO BELL restuarants


Never again. I have never been a fan of fast food Mexican restaurants. Whether it be Taco Bell, Taco John, whatever…I am very picky about my Mexican food.

Anywho, four beef products sold by Bird’s Eye, Taco Bell and catering supplier Brakes have been found to contain horse DNA, the Food Standards Agency says.

Taco Bell’s ground beef is among the four new products found by the UK’s Food Standards Agency to contain more than 1 percent horse meat, the BBC reported

The restaurant chain only has three locations in Britain, and said all affected products have been removed. The products came from a European supplier, the company told the BBC

Taco Bell sent out this statement to the US:

“Our domestic restaurants have not been, and will not be, impacted because we do not use any meat from Europe. We stand for quality and we use 100% premium beef. Like all beef in the United States, ours is USDA inspected and then passes our own 20 quality checkpoints.”

Y’all I cannot deal. So they are slaughtering horses now and putting them in ground beef? Or even worse, what if the horses had been dead for an extended period of time and then they did it? If not, how did horse meat intertwine with ground beef? My mind can go so many different directions with is! I want to hear from some of my UK readers! Have any of you all been affected by this?


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