Michael Jordan’s alleged love child begged his mother to sue the NBA legend for child support


His name is Grant Jay Pierce Jordan Reynolds and his mother Pamela Smith is claiming he is the illegitimate child of NBA superstar and legend Michael Jordan. Now 16, “Taj” just wants to be acknowledged by his superstar (alleged) father.

TMZ broke the news a couple of days ago that Pamela Smith filed a paternity suit on February 6 in Fulton County, GA. In documents obtained by TMZ –she claims she became pregnant after having sex with Jordan in 1995. Pamela gave birth to Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds — aka Taj — in June 1996. BTW, Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy at the time he allegedly had sex with Smith. Pamela says in her legal docs she welcomes a paternity test to prove Jordan’s the dad. She wants full custody and child support. She also wants Jordan to pay the kid’s medical expenses.


Pamela Smith and Michael Jordan back in 1995. Photo credit TMZ

My question is WHY? Why wait until this boy is a teenager to come forward? Well TMZ also claims that the reason for the “delay” is because the boy begged his mother to sue. Grant wants a relationship with his alleged father and all the benefits that come with it. Can you really blame him though? Sources close to the situation tell TMZ that Pamela’s intention was never to “call Michael out” — the lawsuit is simply so her 16-year-old son can have his real (alleged) father be a bigger part of his life. In fact, we’re told Michael and Grant have met a few times over the years and Pamela claims Michael has given the family money and gifts here and there … but Grant always had to keep it a secret. Calls to MJ’s rep were not returned. Oh lawd Jesus! The trial is set to begin March 12th.


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