UPDATE: Young couple killed in hit & run accident on the way to hospital to deliver their 1st child, baby dies at hospital


UPDATE: baby has now died via CNN

My heart is hurting for this family. What should have been the best day of their lives turned into the date of their deaths. Nathan Glauber and his wife Raizy of Brooklyn were were using a livery service to take them to Williamsburg hospital to deliver their first child.

As their livery cab sped to a doctor through Brooklyn, just after midnight Sunday, it was broadsided by a gray BMW sedan, whose driver and passenger then fled the scene of the accident. The expectant parents, both 21, were killed.

According to police, it is not clear if one or both of the drivers were at fault. However, the driver of the BMW is expected to face an eventual charge of fleeing the scene of the accident. Mr. Glauber was taken to Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan and was pronounced dead on arrival. His wife was taken a few blocks farther Bellevue Hospital Center, a major trauma center, where the baby was delivered, according to the police. The police said Ms. Glauber also had been pronounced dead on arrival. A family member said the baby was intubated and was in serious condition.

CNN has reported that the baby has died.

This is so devastating! And for the driver and passenger of the other car to flee the scene like that…horrible!

Read the full story from The New York Times.


Nathan and Raizy Glauber


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