Basketball star Lamar Odom falls asleep during child custody hearing…


Aye yo Lamar, wake up! Lamar Odom may get lots of playing time while playing for the Los Angeles Clippers but he was a true bench warmer during his court hearing today! Odom was caught catching some zzz’s during his child custody hearing with former girlfriend Liza Morales.

Via NY Post:

The 6-foot-10 hoopster’s legs dangled well over the short, second-floor wooden bench. His impromptu nap drew the attention of a Manhattan court officer.

“Excuse me, are you OK?” the officer asked Odom. After the player said he was fine, the officer said: “I need you to sit up.”Odom complied but slumped over, resting his head on his hand.

Wow… Odom and former long-time girlfriend Liza Morales are fighting over custody of their daughter Destiny, 9, and son Lamar Jr., 5.

Read details regarding their ongoing battle. NY POST



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  1. I shadowed a lawyer in high school and went to court with him for hours. I have to say, I can’t really blame Lamar. Court is excruciatingly boring. It’s nothing like Law and Order!

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