Rihanna’s stylist Mel Ottenberg: Kanye West introduced us


RIHANNA and her stylist MEL OTTENBERG after the Rihanna for River Island F/W 2013 show, London. Photo Caroline Gaimari

Responsible for many of pop superstar Rihanna’s red carpet and everyday looks, stylist Mel Ottenberg states that it was controversial rapper Kanye West that brought him into the fold.

Mel Ottenberg attended the launch of the RIHtrospective exhibition in New York last night, which features Rihanna’s most major outfits. Mel helped create many of the iconic pieces which are on display and spoke about his work with the singer. He tells Fashionista.com:

“I did work with Kanye West, who I love, and then he had a creative director who was working on some Rihanna stuff that just brought me into the fold on a job with Rihanna,”Then they asked me to design her last tour after doing one job with them.”

He then discussed Rihanna’s personal style by saying, “She’s very opinionated. She has a very specific idea about what looks good on her and she’s really smart about that and knows her arena. I mean, the thing she’s so good about is she’s great at looking great on the street, looking incredible on the red carpet, looking amazing in a show,” he continued. “All that stuff’s really different and I don’t think there’s anyone else that nails all those different things, so she really gets it, but she also is willing to let you play with different ideas.”

Well it is nice to know the man behind the style icon that is Rihanna.



Rihanna and Mel at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Rihanna in Celine


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