VIDEO: Chris Brown lights up a blunt during concert in Ghana


Although Chris Brown does have a prescription for his marijuana use *insert sarcasm here* many Ghanians were upset that the singer blatantly fired up a blunt during his concert in Ghana last night. Asking if there were any “weed smoker’s” in the audience, Chris then went on to say, “if anybody’s tripping on you smoking weed, fuck them”.


Few hours to the Chris Brown concert, he showed up in Ghana with a frown face. The organizers were supposed to be the ones carrying the frown face since he failed to show up for the all important unveiling and sod cutting ceremony which the President of Ghana (John Mahama) even attended.

Chris Brown’s arrival was received with bliss by many Ghanaians of which some tweeted along the lines ‘at least he is here now so let’s go and enjoy his electrifying performance’. He failed to be in the country on time for arranged radio interviews but what can we say? He has our $1 million…

His great performance which lasted over an hour was characterized with vulgar language which Ghanaians are not used to…
Instead of promoting the rLG or throwing in a word or two about the brand, he decided to take the piss again by promoting the use of marijuana when he knows or ought to know this is an illegal substance in many countries including Ghana.

Whiles performing one of his songs, he happily asked if there were weed smokers in Ghana and proceeded to say “if anybody’s tripping on you smoking weed, fuck them”.

He pulled out a rolled ‘joint’ and smoked it live on stage… No Ghanaian entertainer dare do this openly in Ghana and go free. The police would have been on him or the crowd would consider it extensively offensive. However, Chris Brown came, did it and flew away!

The concert was great but the piss take by Chris Brown leading and during the concert was absurd! Surely, no one pays another $1 million to be disrespected…

Watch the video below from GhanaMusicDotCom YouTube Channel:







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