Ballers beware! Website “FAKE A BABY.COM” gives gold diggers & groupies the necessary tools to trap you!


Wow…what is the world coming to?! Gold diggers, groupies, and female opportunists have long duped unsuspecting men (and some women) out of millions. These women have ruined families, broken hearts, and left many men penniless.

Well now a website called WWW.FAKEABABY.COM is giving scandalous women all the necessary tools to lie, cheat, and trap unsuspecting men out of money. Whether you are an unemployed hustler, middle class working man, entertainer, or athlete…BEWARE! You too could be duped!

The website, which masks its true intentions by claiming to specialize in “April Fool’s” gifts and gags (bullshit), provides scallywags with fake positive pregnancy tests, fake sonograms (even 3D ones), baby bumps, ultrasound pics, and even worse…POSITIVE DNA TESTS! Lord help us! Men, y’all need to be careful and wrap it up or find a woman to be faithful to. This has gotten outta control!

Now if y’all dummies still get caught up…you deserve it! Can’t say Tahlia Speaks didn’t warn you. Watch ya pockets!

Fellas…visit the site below so you can be ahead of the game.


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  1. And they’ll STILL get caught up! Idiots!!!!! These chicks are trifling, yes. They make me sick. However, they stay finding dumbasses to trap! Smh

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