Chicago Mom suing McDonalds, claims toddler son ate used condom during visit…


Talk about an “UNHAPPY MEAL”! A Chicago woman filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against McDonald’s claiming that her toddler found and ate a used condom last year in the restaurants play area.

According to court documents, 2-year-old Jacquel “picked up a used condom that was on the floor” in the children’s play area of a Chicago McDonald’s. Then, the complaint alleges, the toddler coughed up a piece of the used condom.

The child’s mother, Anishi Spencer, claims her son, who is now 3, “has suffered severe and permanent injuries, both physical and psychological, as well as pain and discomfort.”

The lawsuit also claims that the young boy “will become liable for sums of money for continued medical care throughout his life.” The complaint also names Jacquel’s 4-year-old brother Jonathan, who Spencer said also handled the used condom.

The mother is seeking $50,000 plus attorney’s fees.

Hmm…something smells…FISHY FISHHHHHAYYYY about this lawsuit.

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