College Spring Breakers Beware! 7 killed, 5 injured in Cancun bar shooting…


Cancun is a known hotspot for college students looking for some fun and R&R. Oh, did I mention the legal drinking age in Cancun is 18? And you wonder why so many college students flock to the party destination. But unfortunately, it may be known violence as well.

The NY Daily News reports:

Murder counterbalanced hedonistic revelry in Cancun, Mexico, with a sobering shock Thursday afternoon.

Two men stormed into The Mermaid bar with automatic rifles and gunned down seven people, wounding four others.

The bar is located in a working class neighborhood far from Cancun’s hotel zone, where tens of thousands of young people flock for a few days of carefree partying: sun bathing, beer funneling and clubbing.

“I understand that it can be disturbing but this area is really in the outskirts of Cancun and is not tourist related. No tourists go there,” Matteo Luthi, general manager at Journey Mexico, told the Daily News.

Most of the victims are members of a taxi drivers union but police are still working on the motive, said Jesus Aiza, the public safety secretary.

Soldiers are standing guard at the hospital where the wounded are receiving treatment, Aiza explained.

But soldier, marine and special tourist police presence has also been escalated near the spring break party zones — even before the shooting.

One traveler, who was in Cancun during the murders, did not learn about the incident until his vacation was already over.

Students please be careful and aware of your surroundings! It is not a game in Mexico!



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