HILARIOUS! Miami Heat baller Mario Chalmers puts two groupies on blast!


When “grouping” goes wrong! (Is that even a word?) While out partying and enjoying himself at nightspot Chateau, Miami Heat basketball player Mario Chalmers was asked to take a picture with two pretty females. Being the nice guy he is, he obliged the ladies and posed for the snapshot. But that wasn’t enough for the two women. The “fans” then turned it up a notch by immediately posting the picture on Instagram.

The caption reads:

“Roof top bottle poppin’ with NBA Champ @mariochalmers15 & @itsjustfancyface @chateau..”

Chalmers wasted no time shutting down the groupies once he searched his twitter mentions! Mario snapped back, “Umm false, yall just asked for a pic!…..”


I love it! Keep these groupies in check. Clearly a picture wasn’t enough for the women. They had to make it seem like they were hanging out and partying on Mario’s dime. Ha! He was not having that! If you look at the picture, Mario was not even remotely interested in smiling or looking at the camera. He probably can sniff a groupie out from a mile away! You ladies make it bad for women who are REAL sports fans…smh shame on you!


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2 replies

  1. Bwahahahaha!!!!! I love this! Calm the thirst, ladies!!!

  2. Stay thirsty my friends! lol

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