Rapper Tone Loc has seizure during Des Moines concert

Tone Loc

What in the hell is going on lately with these rappers having seizures?!

Anthony Terrell Smith, better known by his stage name Tone Lōc, had to cut his concert short last night after her suffered from an apparent seizure on stage. Unfortunately, seizures are not uncommon for the rapper who’s albums and hit singles include Loc’ed After Dark, Cool Hand Loc, Funky Cold Medina ‘Y2K, and Wild Thing.

According to various reports, Loc had finished a song during his show in Des Moines, IA when he collapsed. The Des Moines Register says he was attended to for five minutes on stage before the audience was asked to leave.

His condition now is unclear.

This isn’t the first time Tone Loc has collapsed in concert. In 2009 he was rushed to a Florida Hospital after collapsing on stage and in 2011 he was hospitalized in Atlanta for exhaustion after another fall during a performance.

Then in June 2012 he collapsed on stage from what his manager said was heat exhaustion. And in August 2012 he suffered from an apparent seizure while watching a comedy show. His manager attributed that episode to food poisoning.

Loc once told police who suspected him of DUI that he simply had a seizure behind the wheel.

Y’all pray for Tone. With the frequency of these seizures, there seems to be something far more serious going on.



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