Lil Wayne is reportedly stabilizing and out of ICU

Good news! Well according to TMZ (who’s journalistic integrity was called into question this weekend), rapper Lil Wayne is no longer in ICU and is now in stable condition.

Via TMZ:

Good news for Lil Wayne — the rapper has finally been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles after doctors determined his condition has stabilized … TMZ has learned.Sources close to the rapper tell us … Wayne has been moved into a “regular room” at the hospital and no longer needs intense, round-the-clock treatment after a suspected codeine overdose last week.We broke the story … doctors pumped Wayne’s stomach at least 3 times after the rapper began experiencing severe and violent seizures. He had been in the ICU since Wednesday.Now, we’re told the 30-year-old has been walking around the hospital floor on his own — accompanied by a team of bodyguards.We’re told he’s also eating on his own … and could even be discharged from the hospital in the near future.

Weezy gave fans, friends, and family quite the scare after being rushed to Cedar Sinai last week for multiple seizures. Initially TMZ reported that Wayne was near death and was being read his last rites. They later retracted the story but stuck by their initial claim that Wayne was in bad shape. Whatever the case, I hope this is a wake up call for Weezy if indeed the rumors are true about a codeine overdose. Addiction is a real disease that requires long term care and counseling to stay clean. And with Lil Wayne’s lifestyle, that may be hard thing to overcome.

Get well soon!


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