Kim Kardashian copies First Lady Michelle Obama…


Ok well I wouldn’t say “copy” because women (and some men) chop their bangs almost every few minutes right? So what makes Kim K’s new bangs so special? Well, its sad to say but it is because she is Kim K!

The star went back and forth on her Twitter account before making the chop, wondering “Bangs or no?” while holding a set of fake bangs in front of her face. “Decisions, decisions!” she wails in the video.“Philip [Wolff, her hairdresser] says you should never listen to a pregnant woman,” Kardashian says in another video. “But I just feel like I need a change.”

Michelle Obama damn near shocked the world when she debuted her new fringe shortly before her husband’s inauguration. The first lady joked that the new bangs were a result of a midlife crisis. So I guess pregnancy must be Kim’s excuse…

No but all jokes aside, Kim’s bangs look really cute on her. A lot of women opt for bangs around spring time for a fresh new look mainly because they are bored and need change. For whatever reason it is, do you boo!


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