Virginia rapper offers friend as an ILLUMINATI sacrifice…tries to shoot him in the head


Lawddddd….help us please! This Illuminati crap has gone too far! Whether the secret society is real or not, I don’t really care because I am still going to live my very best life. People need to stop giving such things power over their minds because you may end up like Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin of Richmond, Virginia.

The trial has been set for Wafeeq who prosecutors say attempted to sacrifice his friend last year, in hopes of joining the Illuminati. The man believed the act he would’ve launched his rap career and made him a superstar! The 27-year-old man was charged with malicious wounding after the aspiring rapper fired a shot towards the head of his friend and screamed, “You are my sacrifice!” as he pulled the trigger.The bullet luckily ricocheted off the victim’s hand but sent bone and skin fragments into his eye. Prosecutors say El-Amin was obsessed with the Illuminati, especially as it related to the rap career of 50 Cent. An executed search warrant on the home of where the incident occurred turned up a book about the secret society and a pound of marijuana. By his own admission, the rapper confessed that he was high at the time and doesn’t recall the December attack.

Wow, just wow…


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    This illuminati b’ness needs to stop. It has been taken way too far.

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