Singer Brandy: I love Beyoncé, but not her new song ‘Bow Down’


R&B singer Brandy Norwood is yet another celeb to say she doesn’t care for Beyonce’s new song “Bow Down”. In a recent interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon to discuss her new movie, Confessions of A Marriage Counselor, Brandy said Beyonce (like any other artist) should be given the freedom to express herself in her lyrics, but that she was not a fan of the song.

“I think art is freedom. You should be able to express yourself the way you choose to express yourself. Of course people are gonna have their own opinion, but opinion is opinion. I think art should be expressed the way it should,” she said. But when asked if she liked the song, Brandy replied,“I don’t love the song. But I love Beyoncé. I just have to be honest. You know…”

Well honesty and hate are two different things. Brandy answered like mature artist with longevity in the game. Not everyone is a fan of the song, myself included. However, we cannot deny that Beyoncé is the best at what she does.



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  1. Maybe it’s my youthful ignorance, but I like the song because I like to see the cocky side of Bey. She’s earned it. It’s the type of song you get dressed to in the morning, to get your day started right! In terms of the song’s musicality, that’s a bit of a different story.

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