Man STABS woman 54 times, drops TV on her head


In this March 20, 2013 file photo, Lashon T. Hollman, 21, enters Circuit Judge Darnell Jackson's courtroom before the start of his trial at the Saginaw County Governmental Center. man authorities say killed a woman by stabbing her 54 times and dropping a TV on her head in southeastern Michigan has been convicted of first-degree murder, torture and other charges. (AP Photo/The Saginaw News, Colleen Harrison) ALL LOCAL TV OUT; LOCAL TV INTERNET OUT

Crimes have gotten more and more heinous everyday. Lashon Hollman has been convicted of first degree murder, torture and numerous other charges. Last February, Hollman stabbed 27-year-old Cassandra Nelson and dropped a TV on the woman’s head.

No clear motive was given for the crime. Defense lawyer Matthew Frey has said there were “unexplainable details that don’t make sense” in the case. Hollman lowered his head and cried as he listened to the verdict.

What in the hell? This had to be a crime of passion. That is the only way to explain the overkill.

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