REPORT: Chris Brown & Rihanna SPLIT UP ALREADY


Over so soon? According to Los Angeles radio station Power 106 they are. Brown revealed to the radio station that he and RiRi have split after rekindling their romance following that heartbreaking 2009 Grammys incident.

The 23-year-old crooner reportedly told host Big Boy that he and Rihanna have decided to end their relationship while appearing on the radio show yesterday, March 29.

“Are you still with Rihanna?” Big Boy asked Brown, who replied with, “Uh, no. That’s the short answer.”

The radio station tweeted out the announcement.

As the news began to spread like wildfire, Power 106 admitted to Fuse TV, “We wouldn’t have tweeted it if it wasn’t true.”

Rihanna has not responded to the report. However, shortly after the news was released, she tweeted “This is terrible,”. The 25-year-old has since removed the post, but retweeted this:

Its the heart of a  that makes us soft mannered BUT is that same heart of a  that will make us get in your ass if needed

Well, well…

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