VIDEO: Halle Berry cusses out paparazzi & restrains fiance from violent altercation


Photo courtesy of TMZ

Sometimes the paps can go too far. I can only imagine being a celeb and your every move is being photographed against your wishes. Not only that, if you have a small child it could become even more aggravating and scary.

Halle, along with fiance Olivier Martinez had just arrived at the airport from their vacation in Hawaii when they were bombarded by an especially intense paparazzi gang. As the flashbulbs went off, Halle went OFF, “Get away there’s a child … what the f**k is wrong with you people?”

When Halle and Olivier eventually got to their waiting SUV, Olivier lost his cool and went after one of the photographers, allegedly kicking the guy but Halle quickly grabbed her fiance, restrained him and shoved him inside the vehicle.

Can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing. Some of these paps have no shame!

Watch the video below:



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