Brawl breaks out in Michigan Mall over…AUNTIE ANNE’S PRETZEL DIP!


Yes folks, you read the title right. A huge fight broke out at Oakland Mall in Michigan after two women claimed they received the wrong Auntie Anne’s pretzel dip.


TROY (WWJ) – Police in Troy are investigating a fight that took place over pretzel dip. Officials say it happened at Auntie Anne’s in Oakland Mall when two women who had ordered pretzels realized they were given the wrong dip. Police say when they returned to the store, they were told by employees that they would have to pay for another dip since they already ate part of what they originally bought.That’s when the women say an employee threw dip at them — striking one of them as well as a nearby security guard. Police say the women, a 19 and 22-year old, then tried to climb over the counter — causing a fight. One of them suffered a minor injury.The Troy city attorney is reviewing the case to determine if there will be possible charges.

This is one of the dumbest and most immature things I have ever heard in my life. All I can envision is pretzels flying all over the place…


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