VIDEO: Hit producer THE DREAM refuses to work with Keyshia Cole; says she disrespected the ‘family’


Note to Keyshia Cole, you cannot disrespect “The Queen” without consequence. Especially when she has never said a bad thing about you or anyone else.

If you recall, Cole wrote a series of tweets dissing Beyonce’s new song, “Bow Down (B*tches)”. She also dissed Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams after the singer performed with Bey and Kelly Rowland during halftime at the Super Bowl in January.

In an interview with the Breakfast Club, The Dream said he would avoid working with Cole in the future because Cole came for Beyonce on “Right now because of what happened I can’t and I think she would respect why I can’t. That’s [Beyonce] my family. You’re talking about my family and you can’t do that.”

He also defended Beyonce’s lyrics in the controversial song: “I think she said exactly what she wanted to say. I think when you’re at the top and you’re a pop icon of this culture… I mean she got something off her chest that she wanted to get off.”

Keyshia Cole responded back on her favorite platform (twitter).


Do you think THE DREAM is overreacting or does he have a valid point? Watch the full interview below, Dream starts talking about Bey and Keyshia around the 5:40 mark.



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