VIDEO: OMG! 8 months PREGNANT WOMAN thrown to the ground & TASERED BY POLICE…

This is just unbelievable! I am no longer surprised at the lengths some police officers will go through to “subdue” someone they think is resisting arrest.


Police threw an eight-months-pregnant woman to the ground, then used a TASER on her this weekend.They say she and her boyfriend were resisting arrest in a Springfield, Illinois, parking lot.  The woman told HLN affiliate KSDK she did not touch an officer. A leading obstetrician says blunt trauma could hurt the fetus and it “can’t be a good idea” to expose an expectant mother to electrical shock. But police and the TASER company say using the conducted electrical weapons is safer for all parties than the alternatives.

Oh and what were the alternatives?! Busting a cap on the mother to be? Smh…watch the video below. Do you think the police went too far?


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