VIDEO: Watch Beyoncé’s new Pepsi commercial called ‘MIRRORS’


Beyonce has just released what looks to be a commercial or perhaps some sort of Pepsi video teaser commercial titled “Mirrors”. In the video below, Beyonce looks to be finishing up a dance rehearsal. She then cracks open an ice cold Pepsi and takes a sip. All of a sudden, she notices her reflection in the mirror but the actual reflection is of the Beyoncé’s of old. Destiny’s Child Bey, Crazy in Love Bey, and Sasha Fierce Bey. The current Beyonce (whom I’ll call Mrs. Carter) seems to have some sort of dance off with the past Beyonce’s.

What I gather from this video/commercial snippet is that Beyoncé’s only competition is HERSELF. I couldn’t agree more…

Watch ‘MIRRORS’ below to gather your own conclusion:


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