DERANGED Atlanta mom charged with STARVING disabled daughter to DEATH



Mental illness is real y’all. I mean, I really hope this wasn’t a sane woman that did this to her child.

NewsOne reports:

Ebony Espree Berry, who joined a pro-hunger group and wound up allegedly starving her teen daughter to death last June, has now been charged with felony murder, and two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree, according to the Smyrna-Vinings Patch.

Berry’s mentally disabled 16-year-old daughter, Markea Blakely-Berry, weighed a mere forty-three pounds at the time of her death and was extremely malnourished, according to Atlanta, Ga., police investigators.

Berry’s relatives blew the whistle on her, reporting to police that they suspected child abuse and starvation. According to the deceased child’s paternal grandmother, Cheryl Goree, who spoke to WOOD-TV at the time of the child’s death, “She hated her. She punished her daughter. She didn’t have to kill my grand baby like that,” lamented the senior.

After the allegedly negligent 36-year-old mom was cuffed by police, family members discovered that Berry had somehow involved herself with a Facebook group that encourages hunger. Goree told WOOD-TV last June how her granddaughter, who functioned at a third grade level, once sent her an eerie picture she had drawn of a Thanksgiving family gathering where there were heaps of food on the table but empty plates.

This just breaks my heart. Although Markea was sixteen, she could fight for her life because she was disabled. My question is how come the grandmother or other relatives did not blow the whistle sooner on this crazy bat?! Why did they not fight for custody? All too often people come forward when it is too late. RIP to Markea and may her mother be held accountable for her actions in a way that God sees fit.


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