Judge orders rapper GUCCI MANE to psychiatric hospital for testing



Radric Davis’ (aka Gucci Mane) attorney Michael Holmes has filed a “special plea of mental incompetency” on behalf of his client, who has battled drug problems in the past. That prompted the judge presiding over Gucci Mane’s latest case to order the rapper to undergo psychiatric tests to determine mental competency.

Davis has been sent to Anchor Hospital, a 111-bed psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment facility near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Records show Davis has been in the Fulton County Jail at least five times since 2005 on drug, aggravated assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges. Monday marked the second time in a year he’s been incarcerated for violating terms of his probation.

I always tell y’all, mental illness is real. I know a lot of people in the black community, especially black men, consider it taboo and it is swept under the rug. It is sad that many African-Americans view mental illness and depression as a personal weakness.

If Gucci Mane is indeed suffering from mental illness, I pray he gets the help he needs.



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