Kim Kardashian’s divorce saga almost over…could reach settlement with Kris Humphries today


In happier times…


Check this! In case you didn’t know, Kris Humphries has been fighting for an annulment based on alleged fraud (he thinks he was tricked into marrying Kim for reality show ratings), and Kim has refused to go down that road as she just wants a plain ol’ divorce and (she claims the love she had for Kris was real). Hence the reason for the lengthy divorce proceedings. However, Kim and Kris could settle their never-ending divorce saga as early as today. Both are ordered to appear in court today for a settlement conference. 
You see, since there is an ironclad prenup, if the case goes to trial Kris will get NO money from Kim (although Kris has demanded $7 mil from her, but that will never happen). This issue for Kris is that no evidence has surfaced showing Kim defrauded Kris which was his claim to “stand on” in this divorce trial.
To make matters worse, Kris is about to get nailed with monetary sanctions for being a no-show at their last scheduled court appearance. So in the process, he’s pissed off the judge who would be presiding over the divorce trial.

If the case goes to trial and Kris loses, he may have to fork up as much as a million bucks in attorney’s fees.  Sources tell TMZ each side has already racked up $300k in lawyer’s fees, and they’ll spend another $200k if the case goes to trial. And if Kris loses, which it seems very possible, he could be stuck with both he and Kim’s lawyer fees.

Kris, just take the “L” bruh and walk away with some dignity. You don’t want to be married when Kim has Kanye’s baby do you? Just messy…



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