Rapper T-Pain goes on twitter rant; defends his gay male assistant


T-Pain posted the above photo on Instgram. The caption reads: In the club with the gayest and best assistant for the stars to touch this earth @ejking21 y’all can hate if y’all want to you can $!W!$ (suck it while its soft) f**k ya. Nappy Boy get the job done. Get ready! We bout to run this sh*t again.

Well from the looks of T-Pain’s recent tweets and the photo above, it appears that he feels some sort of way about Hip Hop’s treatment of homosexuals. The other day he took to his Twitter account to call out some colleagues or perhaps even fans who may have been acting pretty ignorant around his gay male assistant. T-Pain wasted no time reminding the homophobes that his gay assistant has standards and options just like everyone else.

*Translation* Just because someone is gay, doesn’t mean they are attracted to anything walking. As a straight person, I can say with absolute certainty that I am not attracted to every man I encounter. I’m pretty sure the same goes for homosexuals. My goodness, the ignorance is astounding. Peep T-Pains tweets below:



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