I am all about supporting good music, especially when they hail from my state of Indiana! A group called TBC has been generating a lot of buzz in Indiana, New York, and L.A. with the one of their featured artists Trip Crowley gaining momentum as one of the fresh young voices of hip-hop.

TBC Music’s bio states:

TBC is an up and coming hip-hop crew from the Midwest that refreshes audiences with creative lyrics, a sick flow, and original beats (manufactured by TBC In-House Producer Trip Crowley). The crew’s name is an acronym for ThoroughBread Clique and refers to the pure bond between these brothers. The group operates like a family, mainly because it is one. Most of the band members are actually related, and those who aren’t, are kindred spirits that are treated with the same respect and loyalty of a brother. The true essence of hip-hop is the art of spoken word, put to 808s and bass. It is meant to take listeners on a voyage through storytelling and deposit them in an alternate reality. The group has its own unique flavor that can’t be compared to many other acts. Their tracks explore the journey from boyhood to manhood and draw from their experiences as young men in a bachelor pad. It is the hip-hop equivalent of Animal House.

Follow TBC MUSIC on Twitter @_TBC_MUSIC


Peep the video snippet of “ANYTHING GOES” directed by Carson. If you like what you hear, you can also vote for Trip and TBC Music to open up for rapper’s Fabolous and Pusha T in concert here in Indianapolis on May 8th by clicking the link under the video.


You can hear more of TBC’s music below:

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