VIDEO: AWKWARD! UFC fighter asks if he can touch ESPN anchor SAGE STEELE’S hair during interview


Talk about “that AWKWARD moment”! ESPN’s Sage Steele (who does have beautiful hair by the way) sat down with UFC fighter Chael Sonnen for an interview to promote his upcoming pay-per-view fight with fellow UFC fighter Jon Jones. However things got extremely weird when Sonnen asked Sage if he could touch her hair on LIVE TV. After vowing to put Jones on his ‘ass,’ Sonnen quickly changed the subject and asked to touch Steele’s hair.

“I love your hair,” Sonnen said as he awkwardly leaned in to touch Steele’s natural mane.“That’s real hair people and it’s very soft, I might add.” All Steele could do was laugh. “I have no idea what I just asked you,” Steele said. She appeared to be a tad flustered by the comment but she was a good sport. She tweeted:


There is something about a black woman’s natural hair that creates so much curiosity and wonder to other races. Perhaps it is because not too many black women wear their hair natural.

Peep the video below:

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