REPORT: Saudi Arabia DEPORTS man for being TOO ATTRACTIVE (PICS)


Lord I have heard it ALL! I held out as long as I could to get more facts before I wrote about this, but I could no longer wait. A few days ago, the NY DAILY NEWS shared a story about Omar Borkan Al Gala. You see, Omar’s fine ass was allegedly DEPORTED from Saudi Arabia because he was just too damn sexy!


Omar, (described as a model, actor and poet) along with two others from the United Arab Emirates, were said to be a distraction for the deeply conservative Muslim country because police “feared visitors could fall for them”. Translation: Virgin Muslim women could “fall” for Omar and his sex appeal. This whole thing is quite ridiculous if you ask me but it definitely makes for an entertaining blog post! Thanks to for the tip!

Does Omar’s punishment fit the crime? You be the judge. Peep more pics of Omar below. Honestly, he’s a little too pretty for my taste. He’s still fine though…





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  1. I hope when they deported him, they sent him here!!

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