Hot 97’S Mister Cee says “I’m not gay”…


I don’t follow Mister Cee or Hot 97 ( I am a Power 105, Breakfast Club gal) much but I did hear the news over the weekend that Cee had been arrested a THIRD time for soliticing sex from a male prostitute. The DJ addressed the incident Monday morning.


Early Saturday, the Internet buzzed with news of Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee’s latest arrest for soliciting a male prostitute.

The incident occurred just before midnight on Thursday (May 2) when Cee, 46, solicited a male undercover cop at the corner of Madison Street and Broadway in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, NY. He was arrested and released on bond Friday.

In an exclusive interview with the Hot 97 Morning Show on Monday, Cee, whose real name is Calvin LeBrun, said he was approached by a female undercover cop. But according to published reports, Cee approached a male undercover cop and solicited him for “special favors.”

 Cee also lied in 2011 when he was caught in a parked car receiving oral sex from a male transsexual.

After denying the charges and claiming he was being set up, Cee pleaded guilty to loitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution in the 2011 case. Cee was ordered to 3 months of counseling.

Despite his propensity for soliciting male prostitutes, his obvious mental issues and his compulsion for lying, Hot 97 continues to stand by this clown.

“Mister Cee is our family and we will never turn our back on him,” said Hot 97 Program Director Ebro Darden (it isn’t clear if the pun was intended).

Darden asked Cee directly if he was gay. “I am not gay,” Cee replied.

Oh, ok…well explain that to your WIFE Mister Cee.


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