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  1. I just posted my thoughts about your article on Janet. You appear to be out of touch but that’s okay because I’ve been out here a lot longer then you’ve been born. I disagree with what you said about Janet Jackson and Wissam being seen a lot because we saw her much more with Jermaine Dupree and that’s because Jermaine would post things about them on youtube and we always saw them on the red carpet but again Jermaine was more outspoken and he liked the attention. Wissam is more reserved, sexy and mysterious and we like that about him. So, whenever, we can hear or see more things about him and Janet we tune in. Again, we saw Janet a lot with Jermaine and then again that might be why the relationship soured because Jermaine talk too much about what they were doing, so we never had to guess and we all know that Janet is the queen of privacy. So, if she is walking around Qatar with wissam then that’s NEWS because right now the two of them got everything on lock down and we’re waiting for the wedding even the haters.

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